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Glenn Woodell

A Challenge Bigger than Walking

Glenn had a much greater challenge. Just before his accident he'd begun to learn to windsurf. Now, as an amputee, he wanter to continue where he left off.

"This was the greatest challenge I had ever faced because I wanted so much to do it yet I was so afraid that I would be crushed if I could not get back on a board.

After eleven years as an amputee, Glenn was ready. He bought a used windsurfing board and the necessary gear.

In April 1994 he waded into the waters of the Chesapeake Bay in front of a beach full of sunbathers glaring at him.

"I knew they must have thought I was crazy. Maybe I was. I made a complete fool of myself that day.

" I'd get the sail up for a few seconds and get slammed into the water or lose my balance and fall in. I struggled for several hours and wore myself out.

Drifting Out To Sea

"I ignored the people on the beach who, I'm sure, continued to watch me struggle. Since the wind was slightly offshore, I drifted further and further away from shore as well as further and further down the beach.

After at least a couple of hours of trying and falling,trying and falling, Glenn (temporarily) acepted defeat, sat down on the board and began to paddling toward shore. At a snail's pace.

Nearing exhaustion, he finally swallowed his pride and hailed a passing boat whose operator was gracious enough to take him close to the shore so he was able to make it to the beach on his own. But he was far from his starting point.

"The walk back to my van was over a mile and the sand spurs went so deep into my feet that I had to pull them out of my prosthetic foot with pliers. I was so tired I was nauseated. All I cared about was water and rest."

But the next weekend Glenn I did it all over again. And again. And again. And again.


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