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Dave Marshall

Dave Marshall
Dave Marshall, Bensalem, Pa.
In the spring of 1973 Dave Marshall was riding high - on life and on his three day old Yamaha 650.

The then 19-year-old had completed a successful initial try with the Philadelphia Phillies.

Marshall loved baseball, had been a standout infielder in American Legion ball, and was a 300+ hitter. And he dreamed of playing for the Phillies.

Then a car struck him in the right side - intentionally.

"I'm on the ground. My leg is shattered. This old man comes up and said he hated motorcycles and wanted to teach me a lesson."

Marshall said as soon as the police arrived that story changed to "I didn't see him, officer."

But the damage had been done. The would-be major league infielder lost his right leg at mid shin.

"My attitude sucked or about six months" he said. "Then I began to come around. Moss Rehab in Philadelphia was looking for an in-patient to try out a new kind of prosthetic socket. They chose me."


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