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Glenn Woodell - Windsurfer

Glenn Woodell - One Legged Windsurfer

Glenn Woodell grew up in Hampton, Virginia. At the age of about 13 he bought a sailboat with the money he made working weekends at a local marina.

He immediately fell in love with the wind and water, sailing almost constantly after school and weekends, even travelling distances to enter sailing regattas.

But at the age of 21 his lovingly restored Dodge Charger was hit struck one night by a utility trailer that had broken loose from the truck that was pulling it.

The trailer crossed the median and slammed into Glenn's car, ripping the engine off its mounts, punching through the firewall, and striking him in the knee and taking his leg off as it passed between the front seats.

Waiting to Die

" I looked at my leg on the floor as I relaxed and waited for death to take me away," he said. "It never did."

After two weeks in the hospital, Glenn said he began putting his life back together.

"There was a lot to learn about being an amputee. Doctors, lawyers, insurance companies, catching up on missed classes, going back to work. It was almost like starting my life all over again. On one hand it was exciting because there was always something new, something to learn, forward progress, but of course there was a lot of frustration and discomfort."

After a year with his first prosthetist Glenn became very unhappy with what he felt was the prosthetist's lack of concern for what Glenn though was I thought was a poor product, and began looking for a good one.

His search criteria was based on finding someone willing to help him achieve an active lifestyle, me face the challenges that I had in front of me.

"I wanted someone who would support anything that I wanted to tackle. I wanted to return to the water but I was not much interested in going back to racing sailboats like I had done in years past.


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