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Prosthetics & Technology

If you're like me, you probably want as much information on a product as you can get before you buy it. Especially an expensive product - like an arm or a leg.

One of the issues I faced as a new amp was not knowing anything about prosthetics, and not knowing where to find the information I needed.

As a result I was left to pretty much at the mercy of my prosthetist when it came to designing a system to meet my particualr needs.

This page is designd to put you in direct contact with some major manufacturers. It will let you take a look at various prosthetic systems so you can get an idea of what might be good for you.

Then talk it over with your prosthetist and see if their personal knowledge wth the hardware matches your expectations and the goals you've set for youtrself as an active amp.

This page will soon carry information directly from manufacturers - product profiles, news releases, new technology advancements, etc.

While all that's being developed, here's a list of some of the leading manufacturer's so you can get a look at what's currently available to you.

Working closely with a good prosthetist, and having the information I needed, I now have a seriously kick-ass leg that achieved every goal I set for it.

Good hunting!

Make up your own minds, but the folowing have been recommended as knowing their way around the hardware.

Hanger Prosthetics, Island Ave, Philadelphia, PA
John Haberle, CP

Advanced Prosthetics Center - Omaha, Nebraska
Jeff Boonstra, CP
Mark Maguire, CPO
John Boldt, CPO


Upper Body Systems

   Animated Prosthetics

   Liberty Technology

   Motion Control

   Otto Bock

   T.R.S., Inc

Prosthetic Hands

   Advanced Arm Dynamics

   Animated Prosthetics


   Otto Bock

   T.R.S., Inc - Specially adapted sport
      & recreational hands

Prosthetic Knees

   CaTech Inc.




   Ohio Willow Wood

   Otto Bock

   Total Knee

Prosthetic Feet

   College Park Industries




   Ohio Willow Wood

   Otto Bock


Socket Liners