Amputee sports are our primary concern. But also provides other information on amputees, amputee azthletic, amputee athletics, amputee sports, adaptive and disability sports, handicapped and  paralympic sports, and other disability issues.

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Legislation and Rights

Adapted Physical Education - dropped from US Dept. of Education
                                                             Aid Oriented Consumer Survey
Adapted Physical Education Advocacy Page

ADA, Disability Rights, Disability Activism

ADA - Dept of Justice
ADA Help
Americans with Disabilities Act Document Center
Americans with Disabilities Act Regulations
Disability Laws and Regulations
Disability Legal Info
Issues Affecting Disabled Veterans

Governmental Resources

Department of Justice ADA Home Page
Department of State - Disability Awareness in the United States
The Kansas Commission on Disability Concerns
The National Council on Disability (NCD)
Massachusetts Rehabilitation Commission
Michigan Commission On Disability Concerns
Minnesota State Council on Disability
New York State Office of Advocate
    for Persons with Disabilities

Private Advocacy

Consortium For Citizens with Disabilities
Disabled American Veterans
The Disability Rights Activist
Liberty - Philadelphia Regional
Montana Advocacy Program
Coalition of Montanans Concerned With Disabilities